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About Me

This is my story of why I am so passionate about hypnosis and the reason I created this site.

I wanted to help others change their lives the way I changed my own with it. 

You can read it further below, or just watch the video!

About Me (Video Version)

Change your mind, and you can change your life!

There is more truth to that statement than you realize!

My life was a train wreck! My past was filled with negativity, and being led to believe that the only thing I could do in life, was work a job I hated, just to make enough to pay the bills and get by. I remember counting the hours to the weekend, where I could finally get a sanity break. Only to repeat it all again come Monday. It was a soul crushing cycle. My stress was high, and mood was rarely good. Life was miserable at times.

Fast forward to today, and my life is very different.  I haven’t needed to work for anyone else since January of 2019. I have created my own income. I choose my own hours. I now sleep through the night, and life is good!

 So what changed you might ask?  I did. In so many ways!

 My subconscious was running (and ruining) my life, based on the way it was programed from my past experiences. With the help of self-hypnosis, those limiting beliefs are gone. The way I used to think, the limits I saw, the way I handled stress and failure, all rewritten! Quite literally if you change your mind, you can change your life!

 Hypnosis isn’t a magic pill that will shower you with happiness and rain cash upon you, just from listening to it. However, it can help you help yourself by eliminating your fears, improve your confidence, and help you get motivated and disciplined to do the things that will change your life for the better. The beauty of it is it’s effortless. Just put on the headphones, lay back, and listen!

 While we can’t change our past, we absolutely can change our future. We are fortunate enough today, to have science-based tools such as these, that can help us create the life we want. But if we choose not to use them, then who else can we blame but ourselves. I have used many of the programs I recommend personally, and can honestly say that they have had a very positive impact on my life, in so many ways.

 Don't wait any longer. Download your free samples and test it out for yourself! Take the first step in changing your life today!